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Album sales week of 6/15/10

(sales figures scooped from ihiphop)

Drake “Thank Me Later” – 446,680 (23% digital)
Nappy Roots “Pursuit of Nappyness” – 1,822 (50% digital)
Pastor Troy “Attitude Adjuster 2″ – 796 (15% digital)
C-Murder “Tomorrow” – 426 (17% digital)
Crooked I “Hood Star” – 302
Curren$y “Community Service 3″ – 173 (all digital)
Kero One “Kinetic World” – 123
Snoop Dogg “The Unreleased Vol. 1″ – 88

After the initial discussion of Drake going (almost) gold in the first week, right on. There is the sad reality that well known hip-hop artists like: Nappy Roots, Crooked I & Curren$y aren’t selling much at ALL. If you are not a superstar artist with hits on the radio, where does that leave you? What do you do? What is the return on investment for marketing dollars? Are kids just done buying music?

Basically, a lot of questions and very few answers.

But lets try and answer 1 question. Why do people buy music?
I think there are 2 main reasons…
1) Respect for the artist
2) Appreciation for the music

The thing is, now-a-days, we can get music for free. If not from a friend, then illegally off the internet. So what makes someone pay money for a product they can get for free. I think the two major components are: Respect and Admiration.

The problem is, it takes a long time to get someone to respect and admire an artist and their music. But you can lose a fan in a minute.


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